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The second required component of the APP program is small-group case conference, included in the tuition. Each participant in the program will be assigned to two small-group case conference sessions per week with faculty members in the program. Small group case conference will occur in groups of three or four participants and will consist of 30 sessions (45 minues each) over the course of the academic year. Every effort will be made for each participant to have a year of experience with a total of four different faculty members by the completion of the program. This will enable participants to receive a variety of current psychoanalytic clinical perspectives. Also, each participant will have the opportunity to hear clinical material from other participant's cases and to engage in discussion of that process with the treating clinician and faculty member. 

Small-group case conference is intended for purposes of professional development only. Each practicing clinician remains solely responsible for the treatment in cases discussed. It is essential, for full participation in the program, that participants be willing to use process material from their own clinical work and that they hold in strict confidentiality discussions of others' clinical examples. 

Special Note: We are making arrangements to make it possible for psychotherapists outside of Nashville to participate in the program. In particular, the small-group case conference component of the program will be available by telephone for participants who live too far away to be able to attend in person. 

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