Officers of the Organization:

The Nashville Center for Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is governed by an Executive & Education Committee. The current members and positions on the Executive & Education Committee (EEC) are as follows:

President (Chair of the Executive Committee): Katharine Nicodemus, Psy.D.
Secretary: John Waide, Ph.D., LCSW
Treasurer: Diana Finlayson, LCSW
Training & Supervising Analyst: Tom Campbell, M.D.

Training & Supervising Analyst: Volney Gay, Ph.D.

Training & Supervising Analyst: Marsha Robertson, LCSW

Co-director of APP: Jeffry Binder, Ph.D.
Co-director of APP: Tennyson Dodd, LMSW
Co-director of APP: Co-ordinator of Admissions for APP: Katharine Nicodemus, Psy.D.
Student/Alumnus: Channing Harris, Ph.D.
Program Chair: 

Continuing Education SubCommittee:
CE Administrator: Paul Morris, LCSW
Jeffery Binder, Ph.D.
Katharine Nicodemus, Psy.D.
Volney Gay, Ph.D.

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