In preparation for the APP program, we offer a Mentoring Program with the following features:

  • The Mentoring Program (MP) is open to people who have already applied and been accepted for the next class of APP.
  • Students in the MP meet as a group with a Mentor who is a faculty member of APP once every two weeks for a 45 minute educational experience.
  • Every few weeks, the Mentor will change, so that a student who is in the MP for very long will have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with teaching or clinical approaches of several faculty members.
  • Activities at Mentoring sessions are likely to vary but will often include such things as discussion of a reading assignment, or discussion of clinical case material brought by a student for presentation to the group.
  • Cost: The charge will be $100 per month during the time a student is enrolled in the Mentoring Program. Funds paid for the Mentoring Program can be applied to second semester tuition in the first year of the program. For instance, a student who enrolls in the Mentoring Program in November will receive the opportunity to participate in about 20 Mentoring sessions, will pay $1000 over the course of 10 months, will then pay the first semester's tuition in full, and will be regarded as having already paid $1000 toward the second semester's tuition.
Our purpose is to provide a preparatory educational experience for students who want to be in the next APP class even while we are waiting for enough applicants to start a new class.

To enter the Mentoring Program, apply to the APP program.
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