Nashville Center for Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Classes meet from 6:30-9:30 PM on Monday evenings for 30 weeks per academic year over a two-academic year period. These classes are designed as seminars so that participants in the program will acquaint themselves through assigned readings with important writings in personality development, psychopathology and therapeutic technique and then take part in exploring these ideas more fully in class. The focus, throughout the curriculum, is on clinical practice. It is essential, for full participation in the program, that participants be willing to use examples from their own clinical work and that they hold in strict confidentiality discussions of other's clinical examples.

Participants will also be responsible for securing readings. Occasionally, this may involve purchasing a book. Most often, the readings will be made available through our website. We will help participants find the most economical way to subscribe to the PEPweb database of psychoanalytic publications. Ask the Co-ordinator of Admissions or one of the Co-directors about securing readings for the program.

The academic program consists of courses in

Personality Development Through the Life Cycle
Psychodynamic Concepts & Theories of Therapy
Clinical technique courses on phases of the process ranging from evaluation and treatment planning to termination (and including crisis and medication issues)

Personality Development

Infancy and the early years, including recent developments in infant research
Latency and Adolescence

Psychodynamic Concepts and Theories

Exploration of psychodynamic concepts
Theory and process of therapy, including contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives (e.g., ego psychology, object relations theory, self psychology, intersubjectivity, & relational theory) as applied to psychodynamic psychotherapy

Clinical Technique

Core technique courses:
  1. Evaluation and treatment planning
  2. Opening phase
  3. Middle phase
  4. Termination
Management of crisis and medication issues
Full Class Case Conference courses involving class discussion of case material brought by a participant


Personality disorders and character problems
Narcissistic issues
Borderline conditions
Trauma and dissociative disorders
Anxiety and affective disorders
Depression and mania
Obsessive-compulsive and hysterical disorders
Sexuality & Gender
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